ETS Testimonial by Elly Steese

January 5, 1998

The Center for Hyperhidrosis

Dear Dr. Reisfeld and staff:

Thank you! ! ! I can’t believe how great it is to have completely dry hands! But not only have I been amazed by the results, my family and friends have all been-amazed as well. I appreciate how comfortable all of you made my family and I feel on the day of the surgery. I was surprised at how fast the surgery was completed, and also at how easy the recovery was. In fact, this surgery was just about the best Christmas present I could have received, and it made my holiday season that much better. Therefore, I wanted to take a few minutes to briefly go over what I have experienced since the day of the surgery (December 10th) to let other people with hyperhidrosis know how positive the experience has been.

After only approximately 2-3 days of minimum to moderate soreness, I was able to enjoy my dry hands, as well as the other things that went along with the surgery. These things have included no blushing in my face, and a decrease of at least 50% of the sweating in my feet. And although I have noticed some slight compensatory sweating in my back when I do certain activities, this sweating is minimal compared to the benefits I have experienced from the surgery. In fact I am still realizing new benefits each day as I come across different situations. So even though the following list is by no means complete, I wanted to share what I consider my personal list of the top ten benefits after surgery:

1. Being able to shake people’s hands with confidence.

2. Holding my fiance’s hand.

3. Writing without smearing the ink and getting file paper soggy.

4. Being able to rest my hands on a table or countertop without leaving wet hand prints on file surface.

5. Items being dry instead of wet when I hand them to people.

6. Being able to handle-embarrassment without facial blushing.

7. Rubbing lotion on my hands that actually soaks into my skin instead of turning watery from my sweat.

8. Being able to turn doorknobs without my hands slipping.

9. Not ever having to use anything like Drysol again!

10. Experiencing a whole new overall sense of self-assuredness.

And the list continues! Thanks again!


Elly Steese

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