ETS testimonial and Reasons why Dr.Reisfeld was chosen over Sweden Doctors


Please note that I initially planned to go to Sweden for ETS
surgery, I chose Dr. Reisfeld for the following reasons:


1) Dr. Reisfeld cauterizes the T2 ganglia versus T2 through T4
which he feels means less compensatory sweating. My common sense
approach was if T2 didn’t solve my problem then T3 and T4 could
be severed at a later date, I realized that the reverse is not
true as T3 and T4 cannot be reconnected once they are cut.


2) I checked with the California Medical Board (916) 263-2382
and found Dr. Reisfeld to have a clean record. I also checked
with a friend who sells endoscopic equipment and found that Dr.
Reisfeld was an outstanding surgeon. I was told that only the
best doctors have privileges at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

3) I contacted numerous individuals who had ETS surgery performed
by Dr. Reisfeld and all were extremely pleased.

4) I had discussed this surgery with a neurosurgeon and thoracic
surgeon from the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fl. The neurosurgeon
would perform this surgery and be assisted by the thoracic surgeon.
Their technique required a larger incision and a minimum of two
to three nights in the hospital. Previous patients of Dr. Reisfeld’s
mentioned that their surgery had a quick recovery time.


Today I am writing this testimonial one week after my surgery
and I still can’t believe how gentle Dr. Reisfeld was during
surgery. I say “gentle” as I never took any pain medication
following surgery. The evening of my surgery I took it easy by
sitting in the lobby of my hotel and one day later I took off
for a 15 mile walk. My hands are 100% dry, my feet are completely
dry during daytime hours and at night I experience slight sweating
(approximately 75% to 80% reduction of sweat on my feet). My
body temperature is much more comfortable as prior to ETS surgery
I was constantly cold.



Marie Leszczyna

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