Hyperhidrosis Testimonial by Andrea McCabe


Jan 9, 2001

Dear Dr. Reisfeld

Its been almost 7 months since I had ETS.

This could be just one more testimony for others, but for me it means much more than that. I suffered from HH since I have been 5 or 6 years old, and at 29 and sick of it I just wanted to take the risk for a change. In spite of all the negative things that are being said out there, I thought of ETS as my last hope. I was told how important it is to choose an experienced surgeon for this surgery, so after doing some research I made up my mind and decided to fly to LA. I was glad to check on your list of patients, and find out that everyone was happy with the results which gave me more confidence. I was a little worried about Compensatory Sweating though, as I knew it depends on each person. However, all I wanted was to be able to see my hands dry, to touch things without dripping water, to hold people’s hands without feeling embarrassed, to be able to be at work at ease, and not feeling stressed about this condition all the time. But what I got from ETS was much more than what I had expected. My armpits are not a problem anymore either. Now they sweat as normal, and my feet only sweat in certain situation when I get anxious or when working out in hot weather, but I can spend a whole day and they stay dry. It amazes me how everything worked out exactly as you told me it would happen when I called you for the first time explaining my condition. My CS is just as it was described it could be, but it doesn’t bother me at all, I’m even glad I have it sometimes as I believe we all have to sweat some place, but it happens occasionally in my back and chest area because of the heat or when working out. But I feel it like normal sweating, after I cool out it goes right away and some days I don’t even sweat at all.

In my opinion it’s all about getting the right person, and I believe God leaded me to you Dr. Reisfeld, as you showed to be not only an excellent professional but also someone who takes personal care on his patients after the surgery.

I remember that at one point, 5 or 6 hours after ETS I reached a high level of chest pain and you were there to support me every time I needed, checking up on me and calling me yourself that night and the following day to make sure everything was ok. It’s incredible to think how someone we didn’t know before can just walk in and in about 45 minutes change your life this way.

I can just say that this is a new life for me, and I hope to feel the same for the rest of my life. For others it could be meaningless, but for those who had suffered from this condition, its like a new start. I’ll probably won’t even see you again, because this is the way certain things happen in life, but be sure I’m always going to remember you, not only as a professional but also as the person who gave me a new existence.

Andrea McCabe

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