Hyperhidrosis Testimonial by Peter Eichberg


Mar 24, 2001

Dear Dr. Reisfeld

You might remember me since you very recently performed surgery on my son, Adam. I am writing to you to thank you for changing his life and being so supportive and kind before and after his surgery. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have a doctor explain the entire procedure, what we could expect after, and then to call three times over the weekend is just fantastic. From the first day you spoke with Adam over the phone, and up to the date of the surgery, Adam was confident and anxious to have the surgery done. His confidence was due to your sincerity and obvious devotion to your patients. I have had to many surgeries over the past 30 years, some from the finest surgeons in Los Angeles. None ever took the time to assure me or follow up as you did with my son. We almost had another surgeon perform his surgery, however, when we asked Adam who he wanted to be his surgeon, he immediately chose you. Although the other surgeon would not have cost us any money, your kindness and caring made up for the money we spent. Sometimes we have to spend the dollars to buy the very best. With you we definitely got the best and we are thankful that we found you. I know that you normally receive testimonials from your patients, however, as the father of one, you deserve all the praise and accolades my wife and I can give you. Thanks for taking such good care of our son and changing his life. He is a new man since the surgery and we have never seen him so happy and self-assured. Adam’s hands are totally dry for the first time in his life. You are an amazing person and we thank God for people like you!


Peter Eichberg

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