Happy Tears – 6 Years After Hand Sweating Surgery

My name is Hannah, my mother Jill and I were surgical patients in August of 2007. It has now been SIX AMAZING YEARS since our procedure and I am literally not able to thank you enough for what his has done for my life. There have been so many things that I have accomplished that LITERALLY would not have been possible before getting my sweating palms fixed. I have learned to play the guitar, been on the UCLA Women’s rowing team, confidently shaked the hands of my employers: Things that were literally impossible before this amazing procedure.

My mother and I have cried many happy tears together over this, grateful every single day for this life changing experience. There is quite positively no other way to describe it. I thank my lucky stars every day for the gift of dry, warm hands that I can count on. We have sung your praises and done our very best to pass on as many word – of – mouth referrals as we can. I do my best to educate others & help them understand there is a cure!

Health happiness & prosperity to all of you wonderful people.

Hannah and Jill

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