Dear Dr. Reisfeld,
Nov. 19, 2000

One year ago today you performed ETS surgery on me to eliminate hyperhidrosis. As a medical scientist I would like to report to you my observations during this year and express my gratitude to you for performing a successful surgery that has changed 50 years of embarrassment and inconvenience due to sweaty hands. I only wish that this surgery had been available forty years ago. I believe that my career choice and social relationships through increased confidence in myself would have been different.

You may remember my surgery was somewhat unusual due to my left lung adhesions making it difficult to locate the T2 nerve. I am grateful that you had the expertise and persevered in completing a successful ETS surgery. Following are my observations over the last year:

  1. My hands were dry upon recovery from surgery.
  2. Six hours after surgery I attended a church meeting where I shook hands with many people without the embarrassment of sweaty hands for the first time in my life.
  3. The first night I had difficulty sleeping due to moderate chest pain making it difficult to take a deep breath.
  4. I discontinued the use of pain medications after three days.
  5. Some back pain continued from day 4 through day 12.
  6. About three and a half days after surgery I experienced light sweatiness and coldness in my hands for about 12 hours. My hands have remained dry and warm ever since that time.
  7. During this last year my hands have remained dry, along with my feet ( < 20% ), face and head. I can now wear a golf cap without producing a band of dried salts around the cap.
  8. My face is less oily and my complexion is clearer (less redness)
  9. I also believe that my upper-respiratory allergies have decreased.
  10. I live in a hot climate, Bakersfield, CA so during the summer time I did experience compensatory sweating on the torso (back, chest, stomach) and legs while playing golf or during very physical activities. This was somewhat uncomfortable but not unbearable like the sweaty hands and head had been before the surgery.

I had elected not to have the ETS clamping procedure performed, since I strongly believed I would not have the surgery reversed under any circumstances. I know now that I made the right choice. Even though the compensatory sweating can be somewhat uncomfortable during very hot conditions, I am more happy to accept that in place of having sweaty hands which were constantly an embarrassment and very annoying. I have two grandchildren with hyperhydrosis and I will strongly encourage them to have ETS surgery when they become teenagers.

My Thanks to you and your staff for making my life a little more enjoyable and increasing my self-confidence. I hope my above observations may be of help to you in consulting with future patients.


Ronald C. Talbot, Ph.D.
Director in Bakersfield for County Health Dept.

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