Sobbing and Crying with Happiness

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Rafael Reisfeld and his
office staff Sandra and Margo. I have suffered from hyperhidrosis from a
very young age, the constant sweating and wiping was extremely annoying, as
I got older it became more and more embarrassing. I am a young professional
who is constantly meeting new faces, often times I would turn away before
the dreaded hand shake took place sometimes I would rub hand sanitizer on my
hands to make people believe I had just cleaned my hands and therefore the
reason why they were moist. This whole shaking the hands thing made me so
uncomfortable and nervous making my hands even more sweaty… if that was

About a year ago I contacted Dr. Reisfeld’s office, I initially
spoke to Sandra, a very sweet and understanding voice. Shortly after that I
found out that my insurance would not cover the procedure, Sandra continued
to stay in touch sending me e-mails, etc. I was extremely disappointed but
I knew that eventually I would get the procedure. Fast forward one year
later and I am 3 days post surgery… Sandra and Margo helped me get the
procedure authorized thru the insurance. I am so happy and thankful to
everyone for all of their help, I am at work today and the sweat is GONE!!!
After surgery I remember thinking I wonder what will happen when I get
nervous???? That moment finally came a couple of hours after getting home
from my surgery, I could not believe it my hands were DRY!!!! I immediately
contacted Dr. Reisfeld’s office, It must have been like 6:00 p.m, cause the
voicemail came on. There I was sobbing, crying, thankful and in complete
gratitude for all they had done for me not only that day but for the rest of
my life.

Thank you!