Thanks a Million

Dear Dr. Reisfeld

Just wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you to you and your whole staff that fixed and changed my life forever. It’s only been a few weeks now but my hands have never been so dry thanks to yall. I keep my hand lotion nearby for a change.

When I met in large crowds or at church I always found a way not to greet people since my hands were always damp and wet due to the dreadful disease but not anymore thanks to your skillful knowledge of how to block that nerve and stop the flow of sweat for good. Now for the first time ever in my life I look forward to the greeting parts at church and when meeting with friends and family for whatever reason. I must admit I was doubting you and the whole thing since I found no one else that could do the surgery and I was over 1800 miles away but not anymore. I only wish I would have you a long time ago. So I decided what do I have to lose but a set of wet hands which I did.

Thanks again your friend Stan. And don’t forget about the shrimp on the BBQ (New Orleans Style)!

Hyperhidrosis Testimonial from Stan

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