Do the Titanium Clips Interfere With Anything?

Titanium clips are entirely safe for the long and short-term. They do not “interfere” with medical examinations such as x-rays, MRI scans, etc. The clips are very small, they will not trigger any safety devices at airports. Titanium as a medical device has been used for many years in different surgical specialties.

The material does not show any signs of rust or decay over long periods of time. It is applied in very delicate locations such as the brain, heart, joints, lungs, etc. The same applies to titanium clips. The chances of the clips extremely low. The safety of this approach is widely recognized.

titanium clip - hyperhidrosis

How secure are the titanium clips?

The clips are very secure. They do not require any follow-up after the surgery. Even so, Dr. Reisfeld does follow up with each and every one of his patients individually in the post-surgery phase. This is a courtesy he provides to ensure his patients are satisfied and happy with their results.