Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Doctors have long tried to deal with methods for hyperhidrosis treatment. Until now, no medical plan of action has produced any completely satisfactory results.

Solutions in the past have included everything from psychotherapy to heavy applications of antiperspirants. Psychotherapy usually did not help the medical condition and proved to many to be a heavy burden. Antiperspirants caused the same hardship. In order to work, they needed to be applied both regularly and liberally, making going through the average day quite a hassle. Drugs, such as psychotropic (sedative) and anticholinergic (atropine, robinul, propantheline) medicines, looked promising for a while. Unfortunately, these drugs present unpleasant side effects, such as dry mouth, urinary problems and even increased risk of heat stroke. This group of medications (anticholinergic) can give temporary relief which after a while may lose its effect. On the other hand these medications are being used for the treatment of compensatory sweating (compensatory hydrosis or reflex sweating) which may come after the operation as a side effect.

Topical Treatment
The most commonly used topical lotion is Drysol, which is an aluminum chloride solution. For treating sweaty hands it is limited. It has a better success rate for the treatment of axillary sweating. There are commercial preparations such as Maxim which has a higher PH causing less irritation to the skin. Patients should try these methods before embarking on the surgical option.

Device Treatment
Drionic is the commercial name given to a machine that uses electric currents through the skin in order to disrupt the function of the sweat glands also known as iontophorosis. In this case the person immerses his hands or feet in the drionic machine for a certain time. This has to be repeated quite often in order to get the desired results. This can be obtained commercially from www.drionic.com

Psychological Approaches
Psychological approaches such as psychotherapy, biofeedback, hypnosis all have been tried with very limited if at all success.

BOTOX® Cosmetic
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Surgery presented a more effective solution. A procedure known as sympathectomy has been applied for many years as a treatment for hyperhidrosis. This technique had many problems. The operation was long and often involved long-term disability, pain and high complication rates.

Recent developments have made a painful and complicated sympathectomy a thing of the past. In the last several years the endoscopic approach has revolutionized sympathectomies. A surgeon needs to make only a small cut in order to insert a small camera and instrument. With this treatment of choice, we can eliminate hyperhidrosis in a very short time on an outpatient basis with superb cosmetic results. Learn more about the actual surgery Click Here.

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