Even though hyperhidrosis is mediated by familial genes and it is an involuntary reaction there is always some level of nervousness, anxiety and apprehension that will increase the amount of sweating. A person afflicted with hyperhidrosis can go from normal dry hands to totally wet ones – dripping in a matter of seconds when that patient is having any level of nervousness, anxiety or apprehension. At the same time those afflicted with hyperhidrosis can have sweaty hands even in the most relaxing states of their lives. To what degree changes in mental status can affect the sweating is nothing that can be easily measured. It is easy to say to a patient “calm down” but it is not something easily done.

This particular connection between nervousness etc to hyperhidrosis has lead physicians and patients alike to the usage of “relaxing medications” or anti-anxiety medications. Also alcohol is known to have a relaxing effect and hence reduces the sweating but all of the above mentioned modalities are not the most appropriate approaches to the problem. Recreational drug use is also known to reduce the sweating because of the relaxing effects. Again here it is not recommended as a treatment modality.