Axillary Excessive Sweating Treatment: After the Procedure

Here are the things you can expect after you’ve completed treatment for your hyperhidrosis:

Pain Levels

You should expect a certain amount of pain which is localized to the armpit area. Generally speaking, it is not severe and is manageable with oral medications that will be prescribed to you. The pain threshold is different from person-to-person, but it is safe to say that the pain levels are generally tolerable. One should expect the pain to decrease a few days after the operation.

Recommend Activity

It is recommended that your physical activity is kept to a minimum for the first few days. You can gradually increase activity back to normal levels. For strenuous physical activity (jogging, basketball, working out) one should listen to his/her body.

There are no rigid rules. No muscles have been cut in this operation, so the healing process should be fast. Dr. Reisfeld will explain how you should use padding in the armpit area to help with the healing process and to reduce the amount of swelling in the area.


The incisions are very small (2mm). No sutures are used and those holes will close on their own within a short time.

Showers and baths

You can take a shower or bath the day after the procedure. The bandages can be removed and new ones can be applied (your decision). Most of the time, patients are comfortable with replacing their band-aids for a few days. Use of soap or skin lotions is fine.


You can feel free to return to your normal diet immediately after the procedure.

This is intended as a general guide. Please call Dr. Reisfeld with any concerns or questions. You are also welcome to e-mail us with questions and or pictures illustrating your concern. We love to hear back from our patients, so please consider writing a testimonial for us.

Can I Use Deodorant after an Axillary Laser Ablation or Axillary Suction Curettage?

Yes, deodorants can be used after the operation. Since no operation can eliminate underarm sweating completely, the deodorant is used to control any minimal perspiration and aid with normal body odor.