How Much Does The Surgery Cost?

Trying to answer this specific question of cost is extremely complicated. Our Los Angeles based staff are experts in this field and are happy to help you understand the process. The most important step is to call our office so the process of verification and knowledge of the patient’s unique coverage can be used to determine cost. The process should include:

  • Verification of coverage
  • Eligibility (not every insurance company covers this procedure)
  • The amount of coverage provided by the insurance company for this procedure
  • The above mentioned points are referring to patients who have health coverage. The eligibility and coverage/amount covered will be determined by our office staff.
  • For those without health coverage, please refer to the no health coverage section below.
  • Quotes will not be given online. Everyone must discuss his/her clinical condition with the surgeon first.

A clinical evaluation needs to be made before a price can be discussed. After a patient is deemed eligible for this procedure, then the financial steps above can be started.


Pricing varies depending on the type of procedure (hands, feet, etc.), and the specific type of coverage from your health insurance provider. Our staff are uniquely trained and experienced in working with insurance companies. They will work closely with you to address any questions or concerns you have.

The procedure is often more affordable than most people think! With the new health care regulations that are being implemented in the U.S., it is extremely important for you to discuss insurance coverage issues with our office staff. Please feel free to call us at (310) 557-3037.

Dealing with the insurance companies

The patients involvement in negotiations with the insurance companies is of utmost importance. Why? Because the patient or their family are the actual customers that can push the insurance company to justify the treatment. As a physician, we are not in the position to discuss any details in regards to eligibility, unless authorization is given to us by the patient to negotiate on their behalf.

Again, this requires active and willing participation by the patient (telephone calls, letters, etc).

No Health Coverage – International

For those patients who have no health coverage or are from out of the country, we can work with you on payment options. It is highly recommended that you contact us. We can discuss the monetary questions you have, and your medical background can be obtained. This will be valuable when discussing your case with Dr. Reisfeld.

Medical insurance is a very unique thing. Blue Shield/Cross in one state via one company may be completely different for someone in another state for another company. There is so much that goes into an insurance policy. Knowledge of these details in many cases is not known by the insurer/patient, which makes it very important to discuss those issues with our expert staff in Beverly Hills, LA.

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