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  1. How do I know if my sweating is excessive and considered hyperhidrosis?
  2. Can hyperhidrosis be cured on it’s own?
  3. What is the success rate of the ETS (hand sweating) procedure?
  4. How much does the surgery cost?
  5. What should I do if I have BOTH excessive foot and excessive hand sweating?
  6. Can all types of hyperhidrosis (hands, feet, armpits) be cured with one operation?
  7. Why should I travel to Los Angeles to see Dr. Reisfeld?
  8. What is the recovery period for the surgery?
  9. Who is not eligible for this surgery?
  10. What is the age range for patients to have the ETS procedure done?
  11. What is the age range for patients to have the ELS (sweaty feet) procedure done?
  12. What is the age range for patients to have the ETS (sweaty palms) procedure done?
  13. What about Younger Age Hyperhidrosis?
  14. Alcohol, Drugs and Hyperhidrosis do they Mix?
  15. Is it normal to have sweaty palms?
  16. Is it normal to have sweaty feet?
  17. Is hyperhidrosis genetic / inherited ?
  18. What are the chances I will pass hyperhidrosis onto my children?
  19. How severe is my hyperhidrosis?
  20. How is hyperhidrosis affected by sleep?
  21. If I have excessive body sweating does it mean I have hyperhidrosis??
  22. Is there a connection between hormonal problems and hyperhidrosis?
  23. Can thoracic sympathectomy and lumbar sympathectomy be done at the same time?
  24. What is sympathectomy vs. sympathotomy?
  25. What is the best procedure for my excessive foot sweating?
  26. What are the consequences of not treating hyperhidrosis?
  27. Can hyperhidrosis be corrected?
  28. Does hyperhidrosis get better or worse over time?
  29. What is primary versus secondary hyperhidrosis?
  30. Will I get more hand sweating after doing the lumbar sympathectomy procedure for my sweaty feet?
  31. What about insurance?
  32. What if I do NOT have health insurance, what should I do?
  33. What if my insurance says they do not cover this particular procedure?
  34. Is the ETS (sweaty palms) procedure right for me?
  35. Where are the hyperhidrosis procedure performed?
  36. Who performs the procedure?
  37. What does T level mean for ETS surgical procedure (Hand Sweating)
  38. What does L level mean for ELS surgical procedure (Foot Sweating)
  39. Red sweaty hands, Is this is a common hyperhidrosis symptom?
  40. Possible Insurance issues related to the sympathectomy procedures
  41. How does Dr.Reisfeld determine if the surgery is right for me?
  42. Do the titanium clips interfere with anything?
  43. Is it difficult to schedule a date for the surgery? How do I schedule an appointment?
  44. Does there need to be a separate ETS procedure for separate areas of excessive sweating?
  45. What are the future medical treatment breakthroughs for hyperhidrosis?
  46. What is the possibility of recurrence? What is the recurrence rate?
  47. What is the recurrence rate after sympathectomy performed for Palmar or Plantar hyperhidrosis?
  48. Are there cases that can not be done and why?
  49. What about hand sweating and armpit sweating?
  50. What is the difference between cutting the nerve versus clipping the nerve?
  51. Is the ETS procedure an option for facial sweating and facial blushing?
  52. What are the psychological impacts of hyperhidrosis?
  53. What is the reversal operation?
  54. If I only have excessive armpit sweating, what type of procedure is right for me?
  55. How secure are the titanium clips?
  56. What is the difference between rosacea and blushing?
  57. What about the Kuntz nerve?
  58. What is the recurrence rate / failure rate?
  59. Heart Rate Changes?
  60. What could prevent me from having the thoracic sympathectomy surgery?
  61. Can excessive sweating be treated non-surgically?
  62. What is compensatory sweating?
  63. Does hyperhidrosis cause dehydration?
  64. Does the clamping method guarantee reversibility of the procedure?
  65. Do the clamps set off alarms in airport metal detectors?
  66. Discussion on the correlation between social phobias and ETS.
  67. Why does Dr. Reisfeld not recommend ETS for facial blushing, facial sweating and axillary sweating?
  68. What is the relation between Raynaud’s phenomenon and hyperhidrosis?
  69. I was told that I have Raynoud’s as well as sweaty palms is this correct?
  70. What should I expect immediately after the procedure
  71. Do warts have anything to do with hyperhidrosis?
  72. Is Robotic Surgery applicable to Sympathectomy?
  73. Can deodorant be used after axillary laser ablation – axillary suction currettage?
  74. Does body piercing interfere with the operation?
  75. Does being skinny have anything to do with hyperhidrosis?
  76. Does obesity have anything to do with hyperhidrosis?
  77. When does conversion from an endoscopic lumbar sympathectomy to open lumbar sympathectomy happen?
  78. Does lumbar sympathectomy affect pregnancy?
  79. Why are my hands cold and clammy?
  80. Is the anatomy of the sympathetic chain the same for everyone?
  81. Can I do the operation if I have scoliosis?
  82. Can the sympathectomy clamps move from their original position in the body?
  83. Palmar hyperhidrosis vs. Plantar hyperhidrosis.
  84. What are the heart rate changes after endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy?
  85. Limiting the indications for ETS
  86. My physician is not knowledgeable with hyperhidrosis, what shall I do?
  87. What if I have only plantar hyperhidrosis (foot sweating) without any palmar hyperhidrosis (hand sweating)?
  88. What about the websites against the surgery?
  89. Can poisons or certain foods influence hyperhidrosis?
  90. What is the difference between “truncal sympathectomy” vs. “ramicotomy” for hyperhidrosis?
  91. What about Buttocks Sweating?
  92. What about male hyperhidrosis?
  93. What about female hyperhidrosis?
  94. Is obesity a factor in performing ETS (hands) or ELS (feet) surgery?
  95. Is there a connection between night sweating and hyperhidrosis?
  96. Nervousness, Anxiety, Apprehension and Hyperhidrosis?
  97. Does diabetes have anything to do with hyperhidrosis?
  98. Will I get more hand sweating after doing the lumbar sympathectomy procedure for my sweaty feet?
  99. Is the ETS procedure right for me?
  100. Are there any identifying characteristics for a hyperhidrosis patient?
  101. Is the possibility for hyperhidrosis to be only on one side? What is the solution?
  102. How many surgeons around the world have competent knowledge and ability to perform hyperhidrosis surgery?
  103. I have noticed increased in my urine output after sympathectomy. Why?
  104. How long does it take for the hands or feet to get dry after the surgery?
  105. Is there scarring after the hyperhidrosis surgery?
  106. Does compensatory sweating only happen to hyperhidrosis patients who underwent ETS?
  107. Are there any alternative interventional methods for lumbar sympathectomy?
  108. What are the main risks and contra indications for lumbar sympathectomy?
  109. Is there any possibility of eyelid sweating after ETS?
  110. What is Acetyl Choline?
  111. Older age body sweating, do I have hyperhidrosis?
  112. What are the long term results after the surgery (ETS)? What should I expect?
  113. What does the future hold for excessive hand and foot sweating in the next 10 to 20 years?
  114. Is there a connection between autoimmune diseases and hyperhidrosis?
  115. Does lumbar sympathectomy affect bladder function?
  116. Does Hyperhidrosis have any connection to Eczema?
  117. What is the truth about subdermal curettage as a treatment modality for plantar hyperhidrosis?
  118. How does ELS affect someone who previously had ETS done?
  119. Can you only have hyperhidrosis on one side?
  120. Relationship between Exercise Induced Asthma and Thoracic Sympathectomy
  121. Are there any connections between disabilities and hyperhidrosis?
  122. Any correlation between Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and previous Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy?
  123. How does hyperhidrosis affect fingerprints?
  124. What if I only have armpit and foot sweating?
  125. What are the main contraindications of ETS?
  126. Is there any connection between sexual performance and lumbar sympathectomy?
  127. What are the negative aspects of severe hyperhidrosis on a person?
  128. Does coffee affect hyperhidrosis?
  129. Causes of Hyperhidrosis?
  130. What are common complaints / symptoms of hyperhidrosis?
  131. How long does it take to get approved for hyperhidrosis surgery?
  132. Weight and Hyperhidrosis
  133. Is life with untreated hyperhidrosis dangerous?
  134. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy – Surgical Option
  135. Will there be variability in the amount of hand dryness after ETS?
  136. Hyperhidrosis Resrources
  137. Hyperhidrosis Sweating

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