Does hyperhidrosis get better or worse over time?

As more and more information becomes available about hyperhidrosis, it has become clear that the underlying cause is a genetic one. Clinical studies show that there is a family history present in 50% or more of the cases.

It appears in close relatives (mother, son, father daughter), but it can manifest in other family relatives as well. The genetic mutation can appear without any genetic history in the family. Due to the embarrassing nature of hyperhidrosis, family members often avoid talking about it.

There are instances where a father or a mother notices that their hyperhidrosis gets better over time. This does not mean their child’s hyperhidrosis will have the same positive evolution. Biology is an inexact science. On the other hand, children may have more severe cases of hyperhidrosis compared to their parents.

The majority of cases do not get better over time. Excessive armpit sweating or facial sweating may manifest itself in the early twenties. Sweat glands in different areas of the body also develop and change over time.