Hyperhidrosis is a subjective issue, therefore it is difficult to quantify. It really is relative to the individual. The most obvious symptom of severe hyperhidrosis is sweat that drips off the hands or feet.

On the other side of the spectrum is mild moisture. In between, there are different levels of excessive hand and feet sweating. It is a matter of how much the condition affects the person’s daily life. Severe cases can affect social interactions, self-confidence, and much more.

Defining Your Severity Level

Mild cases are the ones where moisture appears on the hands and feet throughout the day. in the Touching things like telephones, tables, or desks can leave a mark. Avoidance of social interaction such as handshaking and intimacy are also signs of a higher severity level.

The most severe cases are those who experience dripping sweat. This compounds all the above difficulties. Regardless of your severity, there are solutions to this condition. While surgery is a last resort, it is an option.

Patients also find success in some cases with conservative treatment methods.

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