Elderly patients with overall body sweat

The situation of a gradual onset of unexplained total body sweat and not limited to the hands feet and armpit is common among elderly patients above their 50s. Most of the patients complaining about this are women that because of unknown reasons develop overall body sweating. They typically describe a situation where their head, scalp and the rest of their body parts are soaked wet minutes after they get out of the shower. Many of them describe other illnesses such as

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity and poor diet
  • Multiple medication usage
  • Back pain and or spinal surgeries
  • Arthritic problems
  • Smoking and or excessive alcohol usage

Also those patients describe multiple other ailments for which attempts were made to help them with medications, surgeries, which did not change their overall complaints with the sweating. Basically the situation is likely due to some imbalance between multiple body functions. It is a sign of the overall aging process where the machine of the body does not fire in the right sequence. A definite solution is not yet available and attempts should be made to restore a healthier way of life including.

  • Overall much healthier diet
  • Eliminate multiple medications usage
  • Overall exercise & activity
  • Non-smoking or excessive alcohol usage


To make the above mentioned clinical situations that were described one should understand that aging brings with it many symptoms that were unknown before. Those symptoms are not typical of focal hyperhidrosis for which a surgical treatment is available and the hallmark of this statement is the fact that all of those manifestations described above appeared around the 50s – 80s. For those patients the only possible approaches will be medications, diet changes and consultations with those physicians who are specialized in geriatric medicine.

Facial and Hair Sweating in the elderly

This is a fairly common complaint among elderly women and men alike. The majority of patients that complain about this issue are women. The prevailing notion is that it is related to hormonal imbalances. The exact definition for hormonal imbalance is still an unclear entity. Women may need hormonal replacement therapy but the best approach is to consult with a good internist or anyone who is an expert in geriatric medicine.

Hopefully this page helps those elderly patients to understand this yet to be solved issue.