What about Hand and Armpit Sweating?

Many patients will have a combination of hand and armpit sweating (axillary). When the ETS procedure is done for the hand sweating, about 85% of the patients will see excellent results in regards to their armpit sweating.

This is especially true since Dr. Reisfeld will apply clips on the lower levels of the sympathetic chain. In normal cases, the clamps are on the levels T3 to T4. In cases where axillary hyperhidrosis is very severe a clamp is applied on the T5 level for improved results.

Over the last few years, this method of clamping at the T5 level proved to be very efficient in reducing the amount of axillary sweating.

Dr. Reisfeld is still of the opinion that doing a sympathectomy for armpit sweating only is not recommended. His view is not shared by all surgeons who perform ETS but instead based on his extensive experience and knowledge.