Living with Hyperhidrosis vs. Quality of life:

Patients can live with hyperhidrosis without any physiological dangers but then the question of quality of life and psychological challenges become pertinent. Healthwise hyperhidrosis is not an ailment that poses any danger to those who are suffering from it. One can live with this ailment and conduct pretty much normal activities however how those normal activities with excessive hand and feet sweating are conducted is a entirely different question.

Functional and Psychological Effects of Hyperhidrosis:

After reviewing and seeing thousands of patients who suffer from excessive sweating we realize how much of an impact it plays in their lives. Social phobias are a part of the problem as well as the inability to conduct simple daily tasks such as computer usage, cell phone usage, driving, writing on paper, clothing and shoe usage, etc. Intimate relations are often negatively affected as well. In summary there is an impact on ones life not from a health point of view but from the social / functional points of view.

We wish to have a simple conservative method to deal with it but unfortunately the genetic basis of this problem does not give us a simple solution.

At present the surgical treatment is the only approach to provide a relief from the excessive hand and feet sweating.