You may have read that subdermal laser curettage is being used by some doctors as treatment for plantar hyperhidrosis which is a way to attract patients to go this route but with no proven success rate or any value to it. Patients who chose this route describe total failure with this approach and tremendous amount of pain and discomfort and an inability to use their feet which confines them to wheelchairs (temporarily). Laser suction curettage or just simply suction curettage in the axillary area has some value in isolated cases of axillary hyperhidrosis. Now a days miradry might offer another approach for the treatment for axillary sweating (armpit sweating). The reason there is no value in this approach in cases of plantar hyperhidrosis is because of the fact that there is almost no subcutaneous tissues in the plantar region to offer subdermal laser ablation or curettage in the foot region.

With regard to the treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis with Miradry so far there is no knowledge about the availability of an appropriate model to treat palmar hyperhidrosis. For the treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis the Miradry application is easier because of the way that the technical aspects are easier to do.

The fact that it sounds like a very non invasive procedure distracts the reader from the real solution that can be given only by disrupting the sympathetic chain innervation to the feet. This disruption can only be done effectively with endoscopic lumbar sympathectomy which has the highest proven success rate.