Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

June 15, 2007

Like many of your patients I had suffered from severe armpit sweating since I can remember. Growing up was especially difficult in school because of all teasing I would get from the other kids. This would drive me to isolate myself from others especially in public settings. I know I definitely didn’t score any points with girls! Looking back it honestly just hurts to even think about it. I tried all the various non surgical treatments there were out there and none of them worked to any real extent that was helpful. Fortunately my wife was able to look past this but we both hoped a solution could be found one day.

Thank God we found out about this procedure and thank God we chose you to do it! I am not embarrassed to go out anymore, I have a renewed confidence and oh yea no sweat under my armpits! Just being able to wear a dress shirt without planning how many t shirts I will have to wear or how many times I will have to change means the world to me. I truly feel like you have given a great gift and for that I so very thankful. Keep up the great work doc, I will always remember what you have done for me!

Michael B

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