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  1. Al  November 23, 2017

    How much is this procedure, i don’t have insurance and i don’t want to live like this anymore, I’m 34. Is there a payment plan.

    • Center For Hyperhidrosis  November 27, 2017

      If you suffer from a severe case of palmar hyperhidrosis and your hands are dripping with sweat you can discuss the financial issues by calling our office at 310 557 3037. Thanks

  2. amber  March 24, 2015

    Hi dr my name is amber and I have had excessive sweaty hands for I don’t know how long but I am now 16 years old and before the sweaty hands wasn’t much of a problem but now since I’m in high school and there is alot of dating well they never work out for me bc of my sweaty hands and I can never hold their hand or anything and it’s so hard for me to write papers or do things that I do in everyday life, please help me and I live in Houston but idk if there are any doctors like you here I just really need help and one question how much does it cost for both hands?

    • Center For Hyperhidrosis  March 24, 2015

      Hi Amber. As per your description you have a typical case of excessive hand and feet sweating. I`m not familia with any surgeon in your city but you are welcome to call the office so we can discuss your situation. since you are a minor(16) I`ll have to discuss it with your parents. Thanks