Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

It has been about seven months since I had the surgery and I am amazed with the results. For years I was plagued with hands and feet that would literally drip with sweat. Last summer I injured my foot pretty badly due to the sweating and decided to see what else I could do about it. I was surfing the internet and ran into your site and it was a dream come true.

The sweating problem I had was horrible. In high school and college the blue lines on my note paper would smear and my papers would be one big mess. It was very embarrassing and I feared that finding a job after college would be a tough process because shaking hands would leave other people completely disgusted.

After years of trying all creams and other solutions I decided to contact you at the Center for Hyperhidrosis. I was very pleased with your staff. They were all very friendly and helpful. You even called me to see if I had any questions about the surgery.

So after talking to you I scheduled the surgery and in September I made my trip to California. I had the clipping procedure done. There was a small amount of pain after the surgery, but nothing unbearable. The staff was just as nice in person as on the phone and everyone wanted to make sure that I was comfortable and well informed.

The results were great. My hands are completely dry, I can’t believe it! Although you said you couldn’t guarantee my feet would be sweat free, they are about eighty percent better and I no longer sweat under my arms. I am graduating from college in May and went through the interviewing process with a lot more ease as a result of surgery.

As explained I did get some compensatory sweating on my stomach and back, usually when exercising, but nothing compared to what I endured with my hands and feet before. I recommend this for anyone who suffers from hyperhidrosis. I am very grateful for you and your staff. Any of your patients are welcome to contact me anytime if they have any questions.

Sarah Grosel

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