Dr. Reisfeld:

Hello!!! Hope this letter finds you doing well. It has been three months since
my surgery, and I wanted to again thank you, Dr. Reisfeld, for being an absolute
god-send! As you remember, I had an extreme case of hyperhidrosis. My hands are
now 100% dry, although upon extreme stress, it feels like my hands are sweating,
although they are not. My underarms have improved 75% and the sweating in my
feet have improved by 50%.
I do not mind at all about the compensatory sweating, specifically my back, inner
thighs, and face. It is indeed bothersome, but that is something I would be happy
to endure because in the medical profession dry hands are a must. I completed
medical school at the same time as the operation- I only wish that I had come
across you sooner. But God has his own plan. Thus, I am so grateful our paths
have crossed- better late than never. I am currently in my first year of residency
training and because of your skillful work, I have more self-confidence now.
I went to Beverly Hills by myself. I was pleasantly surprised at how kind and
humble you are, Dr.Reisfeld. Even after the operation, I felt so “spoiled” by
you because you called me three or four times to see if I was alright. That is
almost unheard of in today’s medical profession.
Furthermore, your staff made the entire process flow smoothly from start to finish.
I was able to fly back the morning after the operation to Nashville. But even
before the operation, one of your staff members, Courtney, was my advocate in
that she made sure insurance would help cover expenses. Dr. Reisfeld, you have
found wonderful people to work with in your mission to sure hyperhidrosis.
Words cannot express the “burden” that has been lifted from me. Anyone
with my condition, completely understands what I imply. I had suffered from hyperhidrosis
of the hands for twenty-five years.
I hope to one day to become, at least half of, the physician you are today. Los
Angeles is now my permanent home, so if you ever need my help in your mission
to cure hyperhidrosis, please let me know. My most sincere thanks.

With kind respect,

LM, M.D.

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