Dear Dr. Reisfeld:

      It was just about one year ago today (June 23, 2000) that I had my incredible dream come true! I read about your surgery for (Palmar Hyperhidrosis) on the Internet three years ago. No way! I had an actual condition? A friend of mine looked on the net without me knowing. I had always shared with him my hand problem, for no one else knew of my dilemma. Not even family or close friends! I always did a good job of keeping them dry. If you are reading my letter as a testimonial, I can only share with you this:

Look at your hands now, if you think they are wet, mine were wetter!
They were literally drenched during the day. Handshaking became a chore.
Holding hands on a date was a chore. Forget an interview that’s why I stayed at my job so long, just so I wouldn’t shake hands. I would see the reactions from people. Wet paper when I wrote the works!

Well, to make a long story short, I had to wait two years for my insurance (Humana) to kick in. The insurance paid for just about everything. I had some costs, but very small compared to other Center or Doctors. The Center in Beverly Hills was always kind and answered my questions. Even Dr. Reisfeld called me to counsel me. That was refreshing! I spoke to about 5 people who had the surgery and all felt great!

I had the clipping procedure. I went into surgery with wet hands and out with dry! There was a little pain as was suggested and a little moisture a few days later. That was it! Before the surgery I came out of the closet sort of speak and let all of my friends and family know what I was doing. The after-effects have been tremendous! I don’t need gloves for golf anymore. I can bowl without powder. No more napkins in my pocket! Nothing! I am so happy to shake a hand you have no idea. Some people say now, that I really enjoy shaking hands. You know what, I do make a big deal out of it!!

I do have some sweating in other areas (stomach, back of knee, and when it’s really hot, my groin area). When I eat spicy foods, I sweat on my head or forehead. Otherwise, my face does not sweat. I can work out and not sweat on my face. It is weird, but you get used to it. I just feel like being in the moisture in Florida, makes it a lot worse. When I am indoors, no problem! But I must say, I would do it all over again and I am truly, very grateful to such a fine Doctor and staff. Good luck, don’t be afraid and feel free to call me anytime; I will give you the real scoop!

Ross G

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