Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

It has been four months since I have had the surgery and I do not even know where to begin. Let me start out by saying, thank you so much for making such a difference in my life! This could be just one or more testimony for others, but for me it means beyond what I can explain.

ETS was literally a dream come true to me. I have suffered from Hyperhidrosis since I was 10 years old. At first my family and I just thought it was puberty, but as years passed we realized it was much more. I was frustrated with going from doctor to doctor. We tried dermatologist, endocrinologists, gynecologists, acupuncture, and even holistic healing. I was desperate, but nothing helped. I thought I would eventually grow out of it, but here I was, 21 years old and faced with this humiliating problem.

Before I had the surgery I would sweat excessively under my arms, on my hands, feet and even face. My hands would drip onto term papers smearing all the ink; the mere thought of having to shake anyone’s hand would make my clammy wet hands even worse. I would go to shake someone’s hand and literally they would say something to me like “Oh my gosh your hands are so cold and wet.” As if I did not know this. Having to give a speach in front of a group would make my sweating problem ten times worse. For years I could only wear the color of clothing white, black, or dark blue because of the sweating under my arms. Not being able to wear sandals in the summer due to my perspiration was always a disappointment.

Thanks to ETS this is all changed. I was apprehensive at first about compensatory sweating, but realized it had to be better than what I had been going through for the past 11 years. What I got from ETS was much more than I expected. My hands Never sweat. Occasionally they feel like their going to break out in sweat but never do. My under-arms rarely sweat and when they do it’s minimal and they no longer drip! My feet have improved about 70% and I now have the pleasure of buying fashionable sandals.

But enough about me. Let me tell you about your staff.
I have never worked with a team of doctors and staff that were so kind and helpful in every way. Your staff Claudia, Sandra and Margo were always there to answer insurance questions and made sure that everything was fully taken care of.

You would always take my calls and explain in detail to me things about the surgery I was nervous about. I was amazed at how you continually called after surgery to see how I was doing. It is obvious that you care about the well being of your patients. Last, but certainly not least, I can not forget Dr. Shiek, the anesthesiologist who took care of all my concerns about going under general anesthesia. He was genuninely kind. His gentle way and kindness were of great comfort to my parents and me.

From your front office staff, to nurses and doctors, you guys were amazing!

I would do this surgery all over again in a heartbeat; it was easier than I thought. I would be more than happy to share my experience with anyone who is considering ETS. It has changed my life!

Thank you again.

With sincere gratitude,

Brittany C

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