Dear Dr. Reisfeld and Staff:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved in my surgery,
as it was definitely a success! Dr. Reisfeld and his staff are truly professional
and willing to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have. I
had some last minute complications with my insurance, but Sandra worked extremely
hard to get it taken care of and everything went smoothly.
It is amazing that my hands and armpits have been sweat free for a month! I
am very pleased. At the end of May, I started a new job for the summer which
was a very stressful situation, but thankfully my hands and armpits didn’t
sweat. I haven’t mentioned my feet yet…unfortunately, my feet still
sweat like they did before the surgery. However, I can deal with it just like
I have done all of my life. When I think about having to cope with my hands,
armpits, and feet, it makes it a lot easier to deal with my sweaty feet. I’ll
take one over three any day. As far as compensatory sweating goes, I have experienced
it on my back, stomach, and legs, but again I feel that it is it is tolerable
and all worth having dry hands!
Dr. Reisfeld and his staff did an excellent job of answering my questions and
preparing me for what I would experience. They explained when I would be in
the most pain and they were right, but it was pain that I could endure. After
the surgery, I went back to the motel and spent a lot of time in bed resting,
but went out to eat that night. I would say within a week I was feeling close
to normal.
I definitely recommend this surgery to anyone suffering from hyperhidrosis
as I did. Many people were shocked to find that having sweaty hands would push
me to surgery. They always said that I made it worse than it is, but none of
them had a comparable experience. I would avoid situations where holding hands
might take place, like church, when I would sometimes go to the bathroom during
prayers when we held hands. I also had to be conscious of what I was wearing.
I wore clothing that would be easy to wipe my hands on and that wasn’t
tight on my armpits. Another good example would be taking a test in class or
giving a presentation. These times were not great for me either. I am so grateful
that I don’t have to worry about these stressful situations anymore.
Once again, Thank You Dr. Reisfeld and staff for the remarkable change in my
life that I will never forget.



Kelly is willing to talk to anyone thinking of undergoing surgery for Hyperhidrosis.
Please contact the Center for information.

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