When I arrived on the day of my surgery, I had never met Dr. Reisfeld and he made it a point to meet with my family and me. Answering all of our questions and concerns. He made sure we knew the risks, side effects, as well as the positives of the procedure. He was honest, very up front with the entire process. He’s not going to sugar coat it, he tells you how it is. I really liked that about him. It’s important that you know the entire facts of this procedure is done and what may or may not happen. After my surgery he followed up on my condition and how I was doing. Calling twice that day and the day after. He was remarkable, I wish there were more doctors like him. Doctors that provide this kind of care are very few and far between. I don’t know if he will ever know how much he has done for my confidence.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for him or his staff. He truly is a gifted doctor. He never made me feel weird. I remember I was younger and seeing this Dermatologist and him saying that the reason my hands sweat so bad is because I have to control my nerves. I wish I could remember that doctors name to tell him that it had Nothing to do with my nerves but that yes, it is connected to the nerve. You truly have no control over it!!!

What can I say about the anesthesiologist he was truly remarkable! Having 2 c-sections and laser surgery, I have always experienced vomiting or some kind of nausea feeling after my anesthesia. This was the only one time that I felt great. Never feeling nausea, not the slightest bit. He knew what he was doing and made sure to ask many questions regarding my medical history and if I was on any regular medications. That to me said a lot, he knew what he was doing and he proved it.

The nurse that I had never left my side, she was there the entire time. She treated me wonderful. She explained every specific detail on what to expect from the time I was put under until the time I awoke. She was there for me and always asked how she could help, whether it was to the bathroom or simply by answering my question. She made sure that she monitored me very closely.

I felt that I was very fortunate to have found such wonderful people and especially, since none of them have experienced this themselves, they were sympathetic.

When we go to church I don’t have to worry about my hand drenched in sweat, when we exchange the peace to one another. Thank you so much and May God bless you. If there are any questions that I may answer for anyone, please don’t hesitate to call. I almost forgot Dr. Reisfeld informed me that there may be a reoccurring (blushing) episode, which I never got and I am 100% sweat free from my hands and 80% of my feet.

Thank you so much,
Maria Keller