Dear Dr. Reisfeld:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the wonderful experience I had with my surgery at your clinic on October 2nd. I appreciate the flexibility, as I had to reschedule this a few times due to the airlines and tragedy that we experienced on September 11th. Thankfully, I was able to get down there a few weeks thereafter and finally have surgery.

Since surgery, my hands have yet to sweat. This is something that is so amazing to me. My job as a nurse is so much easier-my hands are WARM, for the first time in my life-and even better, DRY!!! No more cold, clammy hands. My feet have also warmed up some, though they do still have a little bit of clamminess, but nothing like before surgery. I am much more confident, and shaking hands like crazy. It’s amazing how something so simple and taken for granted as shaking a hand can be such an incredible gift for someone. It certainly is for me!

I do have the compensatory sweating on my back, and oddly enough on my knees. But this is tolerable, and certainly preferable to my hands and feet. I will take it over that anytime! I tend to experience the compensatory sweating while I am hot, or working out. Another thing I have been able to do is cut back slightly on my beta blocker for my heart rate. I don’t feel the fluttering nearly as much in the mornings with my heart rate.

I wanted to also convey to you how impressed I was with your staff. Being a medical professional myself, I know how crucial this can be to a patient’s experience. From anesthesiology to recovery, all of your staff members were wonderful. You ought to be quite proud of them all! They too all deserve a thank you.

Please feel free to add my name and number to the list of those clients that have had the sympathectomy procedure. I would be more than happy to talk to anyone that is considering having this procedure.

Once again thank you very much for making this such a great experience. My life has changed because of this, and I feel so much better. Thanks again!!!


Renee’ L. Bissonnette, Registered Nurse BSN

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