Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

You have changed my life in a very great way. I still can’t believe that my hands don’t sweat! I am so happy that I had this surgery done.

Thank you so much for doing my surgery for my Hyperhidrosis! You and everyone else that helped me were so caring and kind. I can’t thank you enough. I can do so many more things better without embarrassment or making it wet!

I must have been one of the lucky people because I had hardly any pain; in fact, I went to school the next day after the flight home. I also found out that my feet don’t sweat anymore either! I can type without making a puddle on the keyboard, I can play piano without making a puddle on the keys, and I can do papers at school without making them wet. I can’t thank you and everyone else that helped me enough!!!

Brooke Gillen

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