Severe Plantar Hyperhidrosis:
An Effective Surgical Solution

Severe Plantar Hyperhidrosis An Effective Surgical Solution

Dr. Reisfeld recently published another important study with regard to the treatment of severe plantar hyperhidrosis. Dr. Reisfeld is proud to be one of the few surgeons who has invested his time and effort to study and advance this subject.

The papers findings:
In this study Dr. Reisfeld conducted the procedure on 154 patients which translates into 308 surgical procedures (each side of the body). The results were carefully analyzed with the help of a statistician. This operation is done with a team of two surgeons which demonstrates the technical challenges of this operation. This study was conducted

Severe Foot Sweating & Hand Sweating
Severe foot sweating (plantar hyperhidrosis) accompanies severe hand sweating (palmar hyperhidrosis) in most cases. Attempts to help control this disabling condition non-surgical conservative measures failed and as in the case as severe palmar hyperhidrosis a surgical solution was found. A highly effective new operation called lumbar sympathectomy was developed. This procedure was carefully refined over several years and now can be accomplished bilaterally as an outpatient procedure where the patient leaves the same day. This operation presents a challenge due to the fact that it is not done in the abdominal cavity but the surgeon creates a space behind the abdomen to locate the lumbar sympathetic chain to clamp or cut it. The success rate is very high at 98% and the pain is considerably less when performing endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. As is in the case of thoracic sympathectomy patients develop compensatory sweating but if they had a previous thoracic sympathectomy with resultant compensatory sweating, that level should be about the same.

One observation and benefit is that there is evidence of improving buttocks and groin sweating that were the result of a previous thoracic sympathectomy.

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