A father’s determination

I first took my son to a doctor for Hyperhidrosis when he was 7 years old, he had tried medications but it didn’t help, and surgery is just too scary to me for his age. Seeing my son suffering from this condition through out his teen years was very heart breaking for me, but my son didn’t want any surgery. It took my son 13 years to finally to agree to seek help. I went online to do some research and shared with my son. I went on Dr. Reisfeld ‘s site over and over and I was very impressed with his knowledge and passions with Hyperhidrosis. Due to my insurance I took my son to see another Doctor for consultation. I didn’t feel good after the consultation.

I then decided to see Dr. Reisfeld, and I knew right away that it had to be Dr. Reisfeld to perform this kind of surgery for my son. Dr. Reisfeld was very kind and amazing, he made us feeling very positive and he gave us the confident to go for the surgery. The surgery was successful, my son does have some compensatory sweat on his thighs and lower legs, but that’s nothing compared to sweating previously had in his palms. When my son thanked me for pushing him for the surgery, I felt very proud of myself for finding him the best Doctor. I hope more people can get help from Dr. Reisfeld. Thank you Dr. Reisfeld, you are the best. I also want to thank Margo for being so kind and helpful throughout the process.

Yen C

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  View Other Patient Hyperhidrosis Testimonials

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