Dear Dr. Rafael Reinfeld!

As I talked to my doctor about my sweating condition. I’ve had sweaty limbs from a young age, I never thought I would get out of this discomfort. It is really inconvenient for studying and living as well as developing relationships in life. No one will know and understand the feeling when the hands and feet are constantly sweating when the weather is cool just because of a little tension (in hot weather, not to say, hands and feet as just dipped in buckets of water. out). It was not until 2008 that I learned and decided to perform the operation on my sweaty hand in Vietnam. The success of this first surgery has given me a more pleasant life. I was able to write, cook, shake hands without embarrassment because my hands were soaked with sweat. mine.

Despite the compensation of sweat in the back, abdomen, forehead, but I still feel much better when sweating hands. Unfortunately my feet were not what I expected, it sweated so much that my shoes were failing constantly, the travel was slow when I walked barefoot if I did not want to slip. Fortunately I found out on the internet and knew the doctor who could help me get rid of this miserable condition forever. After many times exchanging my leg sweat with the enthusiasm of my physician I had surgery on July 2018. After the surgery, my feet are warm, my sweat is no longer dry, my feet are dry, it is a great feeling, now I can go barefoot, slippers … Doing what I like, it ends the 32-year period of living with the disease. I am really grateful to the doctors and nurses who have been very enthusiastic in listening, caring and treating me during my time in the center. I hope my sharing will be updated on the site of the center so that people who sweat as I read and understand that in this world there are also dedicated, enthusiastic, Disease treatment accounts for 2% of the world population.

Once again I sincerely thank Dr. Rafael Reisfeld and his colleagues for helping me get rid of this condition.

Now that I have been to Vietnam to work, I will try to schedule a visit to thank the doctor and his colleagues for the time being. I thank everyone very much.

I wish the doctor’s family and his health a lot, helpful for many more patients.


Thank you!

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