Teenage Life Made Easier

Teenage Hyperhidrosis

Being a teenage girl is hard enough but my daughter’s hyperhidrosis condition was making her life even harder. She is a very active young lady from school, sports, charity work, acting and modeling this condition caused a lot of embarrassing moments for her from having to hold a group of girls hands in a print job to playing sports. I remember the reaction she received when one girl rejected her hand and she made up a story that she had just washed her hands and there was no towel or during Muay Thai martial arts and not having a good grip on the mat due to her condition or just trying to do simple things like writing on a piece of paper or wearing a ring. I didn’t even know there was a name for her sweating and that other people were also feeling the same way until I came across the video of Marisha. I even looked up the young woman in it to make sure this was even a possibility! I was so excited to find out Dr. Reisfeld was local to us, that the surgery was a simple outpatient procedure, and the cost was something we could handle.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for giving my daughter back her confidence!

Marci (She had surgery July of 2015)

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