Nancy Brown Success Story

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From: Nancy B
To: center@sweaty-palms.com
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2001 8:10 PM
Subject: I am a ETS success story!!!

Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

It has now been one week since my ETS, and I just wanted to email you and tell you how great everything is going. I had about four days of strange Compensatory Sweating…the strangest being on day four, when I woke up with the BACK of my hands and my arms lightly sweating!! But that disappeared later in the day, and since then, the only sweating I have had is in my feet, and I feel that is a small price to pay for my wonderful “bone dry” hands!!

I have been on several job interviews, and have jumped at the chance to shake hands with the interviewers, which in the past has always been such an embarrassment for me. I believe my life would have been so different if I hadn’t been born with HH. But none of that matters now, because I can now do all the things I have put off in the past without thinking about my hands!

I feel that I can now get closer to the people in my life, and that is an amazing feeling!
I have been all over the internet posting on Hyperhidrosis web boards about the amazing results I am having because of this procedure……and mentioning your name, of course!
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing to use your surgical talents performing ETS, so that so many people will be able to live more normal lives because of your expertise.

I am very grateful to you and you entire staff, and I will email you again in a few months with an update that you may post to your site if you wish.
In the mean time, please add me to your referral list, and include my email address.

Eternally Grateful (YOU ARE A GENIUS!!)

Nancy B

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