ETS to ELS after 10 years

It’s almost been 3 weeks since I had ELS by Dr. Reisfeld and it feels like 3 years!!! This surgery has changed my quality of life 100%. I suffered from palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis. I had ETS 10 years ago to fix my hands and just recently discovered that with research Dr. Reisfeld has dedicated his life to this horrible condition and there was a cure for my feet that didn’t respond to ETS surgery. Dr. Reisfeld is an amazing man. From the very beginning he was there for me. After I came across his website and emailed them for further information HE personally called me back the next day and talked to me for a long time to answer all my questions. He has the patience of a saint. He talked to me again personally at least 3 other times before I actually had my surgery. After surgery he called me the same day later that evening and again the next day. I work in the medical field myself and I am VERY impressed because you just don’t see many surgeons practice like he does anymore. Top notch bedside manner by far. I knew he was a true professional after our first conversation. Even after surgery he was always still around, again personally to answer my questions. His office staff Sandra and Margo have been such a big help through out everything. They were on top of everything and very organized.

When reading the success stories I didn’t see much about what to actually expect and for me personally I would have found that comforting, so I will just share a little regarding my experience in hopes that it will help someone. As far as the surgery goes the surgery center and all their staff were amazing. There are 6 incisions total, 4 smaller and 2 a little longer. I didn’t take any prescription pain medications after surgery only Motrin. I had a little swelling in my feet/toes which is expected. I was able to sleep on my sides the same night. The next day I carried on as usual. I returned to work, which consists of walking, pushing, pulling and lifting(which I’ve been avoiding for a while) 5 days after surgery and was fine. I did notice after 2 13 hour shifts of being on my feet I had bad muscle pains in my legs and groin. That lasted about a week. I honestly would say at the 2 week mark I felt 100% recovered. I do want to share that on about day 3 my feet felt very clammy and did have some moisture for a few days but stopped after that. When I called Dr. Reisfeld he was very encouraging and reassuring that I was fine that it would go away. I am getting pedicures and wearing sandals now. This is the life!!!!!


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