Patient really does her hyperhidrosis research!

Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for helping me with my plantar hyperhidrosis through the endoscopic lumbar sympathectomy (ELS) surgery you performed on me September 26, 2013, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. While I had immediate cessation of my sweating on my feet, I still have complete relief, now almost two weeks later. I will keep you updated in the future about my condition, or lack of condition, and on my long term outcome. Please thank your office associates, Dr. Raj Basseri, and the staff at the hospital for the wonderful care they gave me too. My life has changed, already, significantly.

I suffered from an inherited, severe hyperhidrosis condition on the tops, bottom, and sides of my feet. The extreme excessive sweating affected my ability to wear shoes and walk safely, affected my performance at work because I had to compensate for it, and the physical signs of the condition were embarrassing. Medically I was susceptible to the infections, fungus and skin deceases. I tried all of the conservative, non-surgical treatments for plantar hyperhidrosis, such as, strong over the counter antiperspirants, Drysol topical solution, up to 50 BOTOX® Cosmetic injections in each foot with just topical anesthesia, battery powered Iontophoresis devices, and lumbar sympathectomy via electro cauterization by a local pain clinic, all without satisfactory results.

In April 2013, as I continued researching the internet for a solution, I came across Dr. Reisfeld’s (your) wonderful, fact-filled website with all the questions and answers I had been searching for. I read many times your 2009 research paper detailing the endoscopic lumbar sympathectomy (ELS) surgery of strategically placing 2-5 clamps on each sympathetic nerve chain to deaden, or turn off the highly overactive nerves causing the seating of my feet.

I contacted your office and spoke to two lovely, helpful, kind ladies, Margo and Sandra. For three months, I phoned your office at least once or twice a week with questions and concerns. Each time, the ladies were gracious and patient, and they worked with me on my insurance coverage. I even spoke to you on the phone a few times about what to expect before, during and after the surgery. I was scared to have the surgery, but after talking with you a number of times with more questions I felt more relieved. After my consult appointment with you a couple of days before the scheduled surgery, I felt very comfortable with the procedure and you as my surgeon. I could not believe that after these years; I was blessed to schedule an appointment with you on September 26th, 2013, for the ELS and to immediately have dry feet afterward!

My insurance required me to stay one night at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, which is a first-class facility and operation and run by incredible, well trained medical staff. The skilled nurses were caring, attentive, and most helpful. Thank you and your assistant Dr. Raj Basseri for following-up by coming to my room first after the operation, that afternoon and the next morning. I just finished eating a soft breakfast the morning after the surgery, and you released me from the hospital! Your bedside manners are impeccable, and you are reassuring and confident!! Thank you for phoning me each day for three days after the surgery to see how I was doing. Thank you for allowing me to continue to keep in touch. You rarely receive such compassion from a doctor. The surgery and my resulting dry feet are a wonderful experience I shall never forget and always be thankful for! I am so glad I followed through with the surgery! Everything you told me was just like you said. Upon request, please feel free to pass my phone number to anyone who has bonafide questions / concerns about the surgery.

Dr. Reisfeld, each time I happened to notice the small incisions on my torso area, I will always remember your miracle, kindness and skill in curing my plantar hyperhidrosis! I look forward to reading your newly published August 2013 research paper about the ELS surgery!!

Life is Good!
Thank you so much,

P.S. Oh, and thank you, Margo for rescheduling the consultation appointment so my husband and I could relax and tour LA the day before the surgery. Thank you Sandra for typing a quick letter stating the care I needed after the surgery for those who needed to know. You two are the BEST!!

Update: Nov 2013
This Thanksgiving Holiday I have so much to be thankful for. Your successful surgery for treating my sweaty feet tops the list. Each day, when I find myself in a situation where my feet would normally profusely sweat, they are dry! I thank God for putting me in touch with you and following through with the surgery. May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

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