Dear Dr. Reisfeld,

April 5, 2006

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I suffered for 40 years of embarrassing sweaty hands. I would avoid meeting people, gatherings, weddings, social events and parties. There was just too much pain and emotional anguish having to shake someone’s hand to say, “hello” and “goodbye”. I would avoid business contacts because of not wanting to “meet” anyone. I was continuously trying to wipe or dry my wet hands.

It has been three weeks since you performed my ETS. You have changed my life! This is no exaggeration. Finally, now I have dry warm hands. My underarms are dry and my feet are 70% dry. I came back to work hoping for the opportunity to shake someone’s hand. Last week I talked to five real estate agents. I could gather information, concentrate on what was discussed instead of thinking to myself, “how am I going to get out of here to say goodbye without extending a wet hand?” Instead, I said, “goodbye”, extended a dry warm hand and was completely relaxed. I noticed that I talked quieter and deliberate. What a change!

I first heard of the ETS procedure on and one half years ago. I just typed in “sweaty hands” on Google and WOW what a revelation! I wasn’t alone. Something could be done about this. I searched several sights, but yours seemed the most logical and informative. It still took me over a year to get up the nerve to E-mail you. Am I glad I did! Your staff E-mailed me back. They sent me a packet with a great deal of information and a list of hundreds of people who have had the procedure and their phone numbers. Your staff said you personally would be calling me and you did. You explained the procedure, asked a few questions and answered all of mine, told me to call back if I had more questions.

I remember you saying that this is a serious operation, “it is not like getting your hair done”, and I admire your SKILL for being able to perform this highly Technical and Precise procedure. And your staff- THE BEST! I have never had a nurse or anesthesiologist be so caring and gentle. Actually, Post-Op wasn’t difficult at all. I only took one pain pill- just in case, the first evening, but really didn’t need it.

You said I would experience some “flushing” in three to five days after the operation. On the beginning of the fourth day, my dry hands became moist again – though not as bad as before the operation. Naturally, this gave me some anguish. You previously had told me that this could last for a few minutes to a few hours to a couple of days. Time now passed slowly that day- that night- the next morning- still moist! I experienced greater anxiety after 30 hours of moist hands. This was Saturday- I called anyway- and you answered! You heard the concern in my voice and said, “They were dry three days-right?” I said, “yes”. You said warmly with assurance, “don’t worry Joe, this is normal. If they were dry for three days, the operation was successful”. My hands remained slightly moist for the rest of the second day. By the morning of the third I awakened to dry warm hands once again! What joy!

Please feel free to add my name to your long list of individuals who have had this operation. I would be proud and consider it a privilege to talk to anyone about this most wonderful procedure and YOUR EXPERTISE. I am extremely grateful for your skills. You have changed my life- giving me freedom!

Again, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Joe M.

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