What are the side effects for Axillary Suction Curretage with Sub Dermal Laser Ablation?

As with any surgery one should expect some side effects which are directly related to the operation. Typically patients are able to return to normal life within 2 to 3 days after the operation. Sports activity can be gradually resumed after 2 weeks.

  • Pain – Generally speaking pain after axillary suction currettage and sub dermal laser ablation (SDLA) is minimal because the operation is done in the superficial layers of the skin which does not involve any muscles. The resulting pain for this procedure is minimal.
  • Swelling – A temporary swelling of the armpit area is a common side effect but it goes away typically within a few days. A way to help prevent the accumulation of fluid and reduce the swelling is to take something bulky such as a towel and place in the armpit area. Dr. Reisfeld and or his staff can explain this in greater detail.
  • Temporary Skin Damage – This can occur if the skin becomes very thin during the procedure. It is the responsibility of the surgeon not to scrape the skin too thin but at the same time not to leave it too thick. If this occurs it takes about 2 weeks for the body to heal the damaged area.
  • Wrinkles – After the procedure the skin can appear to have some wrinkles. With time this will disappear on its own and no specific measures need to be taken.
  • Recurrence – Recurrence of the sweating can happen. The exact reason is unknown. For some reasons even a small amount of hyper active sweat glands can produce recurring sweating. The recurrent sweating can be minimal or at the same level before the operation. Recurrence is uncommon however redo operations can be done.
  • Hair Loss – This does not occur because the incisions are extremely small.
  • Scarring – Minimal and not permanent.
  • Compensatory Sweating – Does not happen with this local operation.

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