There is finally a cure for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)! Excessive sweating of the hands, feet and armpits or any combination of these conditions is known medically as hyperhidrosis. This proven treatment is available and in practice at The Center for Hyperhidrosis in Los Angeles, California. Here, leading expert Dr. Rafael Reisfield can often times eliminate the discomfort and embarrassment of excessive sweating permanently with a simple surgical procedure. The surgical cures for hyperhidrosis are finely-tuned and proven procedures that take advantage of the latest endoscopic techniques. Dr. Reisfeld performs the procedures virtually on a daily basis and is considered a leading world authority in this field. Dr. Reisfeld has performed the ETS and ELS procedures more than any other doctor in the U.S.

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Hyperhidrosis Facts:

  • Hyperhidrosis affects between 1 and 2% of the world’s population.
  • Family genetic history is believed to play a major role in hyperhidrosis.
  • The most common areas of localized hyperhidrosis are the hands, feet and armpits.
  • There is no known difference in those who are affected with regard to race or gender.
  • Higher percentages in certain geographic regions (Taiwan, Philippines, etc).
  • Hyperhidrosis can negatively affect people both socially and functionally in their daily lives.
  • The most highly effective long term treatments are surgical for each type of sweating (Hands, feet, armpits)
  • Historically doctors have underestimated and or misunderstood the significant impact hyperhidrosis has on patient’s lives.
  • Continual advancements are being made in instrumentation and techniques.
  • Conservative treatments have limited success rates.
Doctor Rafael Reisfeld
Dr. Rafael Reisfeld

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is defined as a non physiological and excessive amount of sweat produced by the body. It can be a generalized situation where excessive sweating appears all over the body or focused hyperhidrosis where the excessive sweating is specifically in areas such as the hands, palms, armpits, feet or the face.

Hyperhidrosis Treatments:

The wish to control excessive sweating with simple means such as pills, lotions, etc is very old. Doctors have tried to treat excessive sweating with pills, lotions, deodorants, electric devices, acupuncture, bio-feedback. The success rate with these treatment for severe cases of excessive sweating is extremely limited. Surgical treatments were available for the last 50 to 60 years. Obviously the initial surgical approaches were quite invasive and had complications. Since the development of optical surgical equipment, endoscopic surgeries became the yardstick for different procedures. Sympathectomy, thoracic (for hand sweating) as well as lumbar (for foot sweating), can now be done on an outpatient basis. There are minimal small incisions and the patient can return to normal activity in a short amount of time. Dr. Reisfeld has been a world leader in the development of endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy and now lumbar sympathectomy.

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Current Surgical Hyperhidrosis Treatments:
For severe hand sweating, endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) is the preferred approach. For excessive armpit sweating as the sole presentation then axillary suction curettage is the recommended method. For those who suffer from excessive foot sweating as the primary presentation or when ETS did not help their sweaty feet then lumbar sympathectomy is offered now as a surgical solution.

Excessive Sweating Surgical Solutions:
  Hand Sweating Surgical Solution  (Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy)
  Foot Sweating Surgical Solution  (Lumbar Sympathectomy)
  Armpit Sweating Surgical Solution  (Laser & Axillary Suction Currettage Treatment)

Hyperhidrosis Causes:
Since about 1990 as more cases were examined it was realized that the most common denominator in hyperhidrosis is genetic predisposition. In papers written by both Dr. Reisfeld and other authors it has consistently been shown that 50% or more patients have some genetic history in their families. It is not always in successive generations as we have seen it skip generations. Other causes such as anxiety situations and dietary reasons have not proven to be a factor. On the other hand some trauma to the head and chest area can be traced to the source of hyperhidrosis in a very small amount of cases. There are other factors that may contribute to generalized total body hyperhidrosis and those are obesity, hyper thyroidism, infections, diabetes, etc.

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Since the genetic factors are the most important with regards to excessive focal sweating it is the belief of Dr. Reisfeld that one day genetic manipulation will be the ultimate treatment modality. Unfortunately, at present, this is a very distant hope because the knowledge and know how are in their infancy stages.

Doctor Rafael Reisfeld – When Experience Counts:
Dr. Rafael Reisfeld, M.D., F.A.C.S., A.B.M.S., is a Board-Certified surgeon, diplomat of the American Board of Surgery, and known worldwide as one of the very best doctors in the unique field of hyperhidrosis. Dr. Reisfeld was one of the first doctors to perform the ETS procedure and continues to perform this surgery, as well as newly developed techniques on virtually a daily basis. He is also one of the only if not the only doctors to perform both the lumbar and thoracic sympathectomy on a routine basis. He is now offering a new less invasive and more efficient laser technique for the treatment of isolated axillary (armpit) hyperhidrosis. He is continually published in various medical journals and has been interviewed by various media outlets such as Newsweek Magazine, Fox News, CBS, and many others for his expertise and knowledge in this field. Dr. Reisfelds primary focus is helping those who suffer from hyperhidrosis and he is tirelessly working to improve methods used to accomplish that goal. Currently more doctors are performing these procedures however you have to consider their experience and level of dedication to these delicate procedures as compared to Dr. Reisfeld who has established himself as a unique leader and expert in advancing the development of this field.

For any potential patient who suffers from severe excessive sweating it is extremely important to talk with the surgeon who performs the operation. Any staff members (for example nurses, office managers and or personnel who do not perform the procedure) are not equipped to answer your questions appropriately.

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Hyperhidrosis History:
Initially the treatment for palmar hyperhidrosis was based on the elimination of the T2 sympathetic ganglia (nerve). This describes the anatomical location of the nerve segment responsible for this excessive sweating. Since about the late 1990’s the accumulated knowledge changed the focal treatment to the level T3-T4 which describes a segment somewhat lower to the one described above. This change and the utilization of titanium clips vs. destroying the nerve segment improved the current treatment.
Another improvement is that now there are different surgical procedures available for different types of focal hyperhidrosis (Hands, Armpits, Feet).

Hyperhidrosis Procedure Success Stories:

“I admire your impeccable professionalism and your utmost skill in the performance of this highly technical and precise surgical procedure. I have waited many years since I was a young girl to properly get rid of this problem. My knowledge as a dermatologist led me to the best procedure and to the best doctor.”
Ligaya.B, M.D.    Read More From Doctor Ligaya

“I am still in awe every single day at the miracle of my dry hands. I have been able to go back to church without the anxiety of having to shake or hold hands during the service. I happily hold the hands of my third graders and shake hands with their parents with confidence.”
Carolyn.B    Read More From Carolyn

“My feet of course no longer sweat. My shoes dont smell, my socks are dry, and most amazingly my underwear is also dry. My underware has always been wet from sweat. I can not be happier with the results. Thank you Dr. Reisfeld for all you do in helping people that suffer like I do.”
Michael    Read More From Michael

“I want to thank you, Dr. Reisfeld for going into this practice to help us “rare” people with this thing called hyperhidrosis. I am so thankful that you decided to make this your calling. It is truly a blessing. I will continue to tell people with this dreaded condition of what you have done for me.”
Tara    Read More From Tara

For the first time in almost 40 years, my hands and feet were not only dry but also warm to the touch, something I had never felt before! Never will I forget awakening from that procedure, touching my dry hands, my dry feet and to my surprise, a very warm and dry face! It was a feeling of elation that not until now have I felt that feeling once more!

Read More From Stephen

“I had the ETS surgery for palmar hyperhidrosis in 2003 and wanted to thank you and your staff for all of help. Taking a standardized test in the past was nearly impossible without handing in a sopping wet ScanTron sheet. Since my surgery date, I was able to take the paper and pencil medical school entrance exams. I applied to medical school and now I am a second year medical student in Ohio! This surgery changed my life.”
Sarah    Read More From Sarah

“I would also like to thank all of your staff for such a pleasant experience. They were very friendly and helpful from the first time that I made a phone call to your office up to the time in the recovery room. Everyone made me feel very comfortable and well taken care of.”
Peggy.P    Read More From Peggy

  Read from several touching thank you letters Dr. Reisfeld has received over the years since 1996.

Hyperhidrosis News

New Paper Supports Effectiveness of Lumbar Sympathectomy In a recent paper two groups of surgeons from both Austria and Brazil came to the same conclusion with regard to the surgical treatment of severe plantar (foot) hyperhidrosis. In this new paper 130 patients were followed up with after endoscopic lumbar sympathectomy. The success rate is as high as the results Dr. Reisfeld published in his paper (About 97% Success Rate). The surgical techniques used were very similar. Some post operative pain (neuralgia) in the upper thighs was reported in about 10 to 15% of the patients but this pain was of a temporary nature and soon went away. This important paper correlates well with Dr. Reisfeld’s lumbar sympathectomy paper and supports the fact that lumbar sympathectomy is an excellent treatment for patients with severe plantar hyperhidrosis not responding to conservative medical treatment.

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  1. annie curtis  November 12, 2014

    I have no life out side my home. I have sweaty hair face neck chest, runs in my eye on my glasses even in my mouth my lipstick runs down my chin. PLEASE CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME? or tell me something I can do! Thanks Annie.

    • sweatypalms  November 16, 2014

      Hello Annie, thank you for the comment. What you are describing is a case of cranial facial hyperhidrosis / blushing. From all the cases of focal / local hyperhidrosis this is the most difficult type of case to treat with a surgical solution. In the past we tried to help those patients with the ETS procedure but the results were not promising. After accumulating a certain amount of experience with this problem the only recommendation I can make for you is to try conservative treatment with medications. The information with regard to these medications is available here on this website. I cannot prescribe any medications to any patient without first meeting with you. You can read about the different kind of medications and meet with your primary physician wherever you live and they can prescribe those medications. Please feel free to call our office at (310) 557-3037.


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